Spiral #3



“Spiral 3″
14″ x 14″, framed
Price: $300

“Spiral Design 3″ shows a line drawing in thread of a double spiral. One sees a spiral in sea shells, in opening ferns, and in the Milky Way. It seems God loves a spiral design. This piece is symmetrical, almost a Yin/Yang, reflecting balance in development. The hand stitching with thick threads creates artistic marks, much like drawing.

This piece is presented with a simple elegant metal frame, without glass, to allow the textile to breathe and to be visually available to the viewer. It has a needle-felted background, with hand embroidery as the drawing tool. The needle-felting provides a very subtle value gradation in the background colors, much like a watercolor painting. It is stitched to hand-dyed and hand woven hemp from the Mekong Delta, and then is mounted on a black velvet mat board.

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