Ozark Springs IV



“Ozark Springs IV”
16″ x 16″, mounted on linen, on 1 1/2″ stretcher bars
Price: $400

The Ozark Springs series captures the beauty of the springs in the Ozark hills around my home. They bubble up from below in mysterious and dramatic ways, demonstrating an infinite renewal of life. The springs capture the light, create foam, and carry off particles of algae, sticks, leaves, and whatever comes from under the surface of the earth. They are strikingly beautiful. I tried to capture that beauty in the abstract design that includes hand dyed fabric, hand made paper, painted sheer silk, multiple threads and stitches by hand and machine, and techniques such as slashing, burning and distressing the fabric to create a composition.

These pieces are mounted on linen, on artist stretcher bars that are extra deep. They are easy to hang as is, or could be framed. They create a lovely impression when grouped together.


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