Inca Impressions

inca impressions

“Inca Impressions”
60″ x 40″
Price: $3500

“Inca Impressions” portrays selected cultural icons from the known Inca history. The large sun represents their strong belief in the gods watching over them. The Nasca monkey in the desert is thought to be an appeal to the gods for mercy. The stonework is a tribute to the Inca architecture, some of which is standing today, after more than a thousand years, in an earthquake prone area. The fish in the ocean are in a typical duality of life presentation, representing the Inca’s awareness of good and evil, light and dark, in the same person, the same culture. This is my tribute to Inca arts. Their fine work with fibers, weaving, embroidery, tapestry, and pottery is legendary. The fierce statue is standing on a sacrificial terrace, and holding a tuma, a sword used to behead maidens, chosen youth, and enemies. The Inca were great artisans, scientists, advanced in medicine, agriculture, accounting, and astrology, yet were fierce and cruel as a people. The duality of life symbol expresses this well.

The elements of the Inca culture have their counterpart in today’s American society. In many ways, the American culture is advanced, like the Incas, in their time. The American culture also can be fierce and cruel. Consider the war in Iraq, or any war. After witnessing the response to the Katrina Hurricane disaster, one saw the ugly underbelly of the American culture, and our capacity for cruelty, for ignoring profound human need.

“Inca Impressions” recognizes that as human beings, we are much the same, capable of duality in extremes, even after a millennium. Perhaps we have not advanced as much as we think we have, as a nation, or as human beings.

Detail of “Inca Impressions”:

detail of Inca Impressions

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