Facade XVII, Passion

Facade XVII

“Facade XVII, Passion”
28″ x 34″

“Facade XVII, Passion” is part of my series focused on transparency, texture, shape and line. I have extensively machine stitched this piece, creating texture and visual depth. The container and the flames emerging from it reflect my passion for life. It is burning brightly now, but I wonder how much fuel there is in the container. Isn’t that something we all worry about?

I have used loosely woven scrim, silks, and mesh stitched to sheer silk organza, creating subtle color and value shifts as one color is placed to overlap another. I have introduced circles in this piece, and used many primitive designs in the stitching.

It is hung on a clear acrylic rod to maintain the transparent qualities in this artwork. It will last for years with reasonable care.

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